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DIY Pallet Patio for Under $80

It’s summer and it’s time to enjoy the great outdoors in a great space. If you’re looking for a quick solution for outdoor entertainment space without breaking the bank, a pallet patio may be for you! 

Creating furniture with pallets is a fun day project that pays off big in relaxation.

Destined for the landfill, pallets are a bi-product of the shipping industry, and can be found just about anywhere people do big business. Often created with hardwoods, pallets make for excellent up cycled furniture and DIY projects. Simply type the word pallet into Pinterest to reveal a world of ideas including gardens, outdoor bars, tables and more.

We wanted to create a quick patio area for our vintage camper that felt cozy and yet had our unique pop color scheme to really tie our yard together for upcoming guests.

We spent a full day driving around Denver looking for the proper pallets to complete our project, and were lucky to find a full-size extra large pallet, once used for shipping a hot tub. Made with hard wood, and conveniently long in size, it was the perfect pallet for making an outdoor couch.

Super simple to create, we cut the pallet in 1/2, drilled the two pieces together in a “L” shape, added side braces and replaced any of the broken or missing boards. With a few minor modifications, we were surprised just how quickly the pallet transformed into a seating space. In fact, we were painting the final piece within an hour. A few cushions later, and it was ready for hang time! In retrospect, we may have added a few shims to the back to give back support a slight angle, however once the pillows are in place, the couch is pretty cozy!

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