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The Tin Roof Hoodwink | The tin roof affect on a dime

Get the tin roof effect with nothing more than a little glue and paintable wallpaper. An inexpensive treatment the silver painted wallpaper brings warmth and a focal point to a small room for a big wow effect. Cost $32

1. Roll it out
Following the instructions, roll out the wallpaper, apply the glue, and apply to the surface area carefully lining up the edging so it matches. You will notice the edges while it’s wet, so don’t fret.

We were lucky to be applying wall paper to panels in the camper ceiling. As a result, we were able to lay out the wallpaper flat, as opposed to on a ceiling. I am sure that would be a bit more complicated.

2. Add Paint
Using silver paint carefully paint the surface and allow it to dry.

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