Eco Design: Zero Waste Apartment Concept in Bali


Indonesia has a population of more than 241 million people. The area is known for having frequent blackouts and power grid issues.  With the global energy consumption and local problems such as ‘urban heat island’ as well as limited resource of natural energy – energy saving efforts are getting serious in growing Ubud.  

The average Balinese household relies on Kerosene as their primary source of fuel for cooking and lighting. While many villages do not have an electrical grid and there are few studies on local energy usage as a result. However, research conducted by WBREDA found that the average household in grid communities use roughly 228 kWh per day with a peak load of 28.5 kW – 48 kW.  By incorporating readily available solar power, communities without an electrical grid can begin to power their homes well into the night without impacting the local power source.