Aptera: Car Exhibition


A unique car exhibition design based loosely off Futurisim greats Jean Giraud Moebius and Syd Mead in Tron and the black box concept of 2001 Space Odessey. The design concept was to create an exhibition space void of overt advertising and marketing, while creating an experiential exhibition space allowing the user to control  the flow of information through a unique motion sensitive and 3D Mapping design. The car, rather than being placed on a brightly lit stage is hidden behind a glass wall creating intrique and a big reveal at the end of the educational portion of the experience. Loaded with LED lights, a custom robot voice “host” and custom visuals laden with the aptera videos and marketing tools. In this setting, Aptera is free to change the display, messaging and even colors with little effort and little investment. Meanwhile, in line with the Aptera model, the exhibition space itself is create entirely with rentable truss systems and upcycled plastics. The perfect exhibition space for a future forward brand. 



Aptera: Car Exhibition Design

Design Process