From Tin Box to Top Twenty Rental

From Tin Box to Top Twenty Colorado Rental

When we purchased our 1973 Holiday Rambler, we had a lot of plans. We already spent a significant amount of time sleeping/camping outside as festival staff. And, as Colorado residents, the getaway factor was also enticing. We imagined quick trips to the mountains, parking next to hot springs and long stays in the national forest off-grid in a natural oasis.

A real home away from home.

As avid travelers, we have had some of our best memories staying in private homes through sites like AirBnB and took a gamble on the idea of renting it out between trips to help cover the costs of the upkeep. We knew nothing about owning a camper (or hosting guests) but it seemed like a good idea.

When we drove the old girl from Berthoud, Colorado to its nesting spot in Denver, the brown paint was oxidized, the aluminum siding peeling back, and little did we know that the plumbing was non-existent, the water heater broke, the toilet cracked with age, the greywater tank was cracked as well, and all signs of a leak where cleverly disguised with cheap pressboard ceiling panels that were cut into place.

As I said, we knew nothing about owning a camper... and as we drove off that day beaming with joy at our new purchase, we had no idea what the hell we just got into.

"We had no idea what the hell we just got into"

Flash forward three years and we have really come a long way! (You can follow the restoration process here).

Not only in working order, but the vintage camper is such a popular rental that we can't even stay in it anymore! It's ALWAYS on rent. I mean, ALWAYS.

With just over a year on the vacation rental market, the camper is officially one of the Top 20 rentals in the state of Colorado (people --- that includes Aspen, Vail and some of most prestigious mountain areas in the country). We have become Super Hosts, and now knighted with AirBnB Plus status, the camper is soon to be featured in the AirBnB magazine with professional photographers knocking down our doors. Wow.

It's not just the idea that matters

The right attention to detail, unique furnishings and out-of-the-box design concepts took our camper from tin box to top twenty in less than a year.

5 Tips for 5 Star Reviews
  1. Know your audience
  2. Keep good customer relations
  3. Use custom, photo worthy furnishings
  4. Don't skimp on good linens, pillows and towels.

And, believe me, we didn't have a budget to sink a ton of money into this project. Our creativity came from necessity. An approach we still take for our clients today.

  • When we needed outdoor furniture, we built it for free with pallets, and paid for nice cushions.
  • When we needed art, we made it.
  • When we needed decor we thrifted for it.
  • When we needed curtains we sewed them.

Heck, we practically trolled the local alleys for free items we could retool into space for our future guests.

Our friends made fun of us to our face with loving admiration (and probably made fun of us behind our backs, too). We became junk yard dogs. We loved it.

We tested our art and building skills to the max and created something that you may not find anywhere else. Guests tell us it is like staying in a HGTV show, or in a magazine.

But here is what was important - the money we saved along the way is outrageous. And, our rental margins match. By not spending money on expensive furnishings and at the same time providing high quality linens and creating a unique space that looks nothing like the others on the market, we out rent Denver high rises, fancy bungalows and high end homes on the regular.

So the idea for EkhoDeco was born. We will cut your design budget by spending the time to find unique theme worthy items at the thrift store, repaint, retool and redesign on a dime so you can save your hard earned budget on the quality items consumers deserve. Our history in art, events and design make our end game not only unique, but worthy of the top rankings in our market.

What can it do for you?

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