Ergonomic Exhibition Desk

Furniture Design

Exhibitions create a large environmental footprint. In this group project, we developed a visually appealing design for high-end exhibition clientele, with environmental impact in mind.

The modular design, created entirely with sustainable sea plastics, can be used as a singular unit or can be expanded to multiple units, each fitting together to create a perfect puzzle. Perfect for production purposes, this unique and artistic design can be created in mass with zero-waste.

Made with 100% Recycled Sea Plastics the the desk is lightweight and can be easily transported to any climate without concern of breakage, shrinking, or expansion over time.

The design and shape of the exhibition desk encourages movement while incorporating “active resting” areas and healthy ergonomics for busy sales executives who spend a lot of time on their feet.

Design Process

Designs represented were created either in a group or solo setting in Firenze, Italy. Photographs, illustrations and other images are protected by copyright as artistic works. Permission is required to use any image expressed in the portfolio and may need to be obtained from all the copyright owners.

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