The 'Rona Retreat

3d design ⋅ Interior Decor

This modern hideaway in the canopy of the trees is a 15-meter upscale treehouse. With a contemporary open-air and circular facade the ‘Rona Retreat immerses visitors into the heart of nature.

Featuring a green roof, green building materials, and a unique sustainable design, the surrounding natural elements are not harmed or removed from the design – instead, perched on parametric stilts, the home sits in complete harmony with its surroundings.


Flanked with natural wood beams, quartz and glass encircle the visitor allowing the space to be both secluded and open at the same time. The home features a spacious bedroom, and an outdoor shower and a freestanding porcelain bathtub nestled high into the treetops.

Featuring a bright complementary design scheme the deep teal color creates a calming aesthetic while tones of coral and light pink bring an uplifting a cheery tone to the overall design.

The Rona Retreat was designed during the COVID Pandemic of 2019 following inspiration to create the ultimate getaway house that lives in equanimity with nature during a tumultuous time. The Rona Retreat provides a much-needed oasis and lavish sanctuary from the trappings and stress of city life and while providing a refuge during a pandemic.

Design Process

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