Tracing the Past: The Complete Line


A project firmly rooted in the past this line of design inspiration is founded in ancient Etruscan patterns found on frescos, moasics, and various structures from the time. A mysterious culture that thrived in the Tuscan region before Christ, the project explores the ancient art in a new modern setting while playing homage to it’s historical roots both in Italy and in the world. 

Prototype model: Pendant Lamp

Pendant Luminaire

A modern luminaire designed to be paired or used on it’s own, the design takes advantage of a new era of circular luminaires while celebrating an ancient pattern found on a wall in a Tuscan fresco. Made with Brass fittings and a simple circular lamp, the design is perfect for kitchen bars or feature lamp. This design can work both indoors and outdoors. 

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Androgenous table lamp

Inspired by the symbols found on ancient frescos from the early Etruscans, this table lamp has a unique design that allows it to change shape and form depending on which way  you view it. Designed as part of the Tracing the past home furnishings line, the design is also accompanied by a exhbition design created for show at the Salone Del Milano which can be viewed following this link.  

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A sleek credenza design that would look nicely in both a dining room and a living area, the credenza relies on an Etruscan pattern discovered on the coast of Tuscany. The doors of the credenza have a water inspired inlay which is a subtle nod to the spirit of the Etruscan people and their traditions.

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Pendant Lamp

A celebration in repetition, this design explores a pattern found on an ancient mosaic from Populonia, Italy. By cutting the pattern in repeating parts the design is can be simply flat packed, and takes no tools for assembly. Images of the design as well as the prototype is included in this collection. I am continuing to work on this product and will be developing many varieties with both shape and materials. 

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Tracing the Past: Exhibition Design

Inspired by the ancient Etruscan this project traces the past by examining symbols and patterns of this pre-Roman time frame. Using patterns found on frescos, tilework and other items cataloged in their storied history, this project attempts to revisit the past with luxury design for the future. The project included a line of luxury furnishings as well as the installation design to display the work while providing a nod to the designers of our past. 

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