The DIY Upcycled Design Blog

My passion is revitalizing treasures from times past for functional art that makes a statement. I believe that nothing feels more rewarding, or tells a better story than using items with a bit of history! With designs often inspired from my long-winded adventures around the globe I bring all of our experiences together in a soup of wild inspirations.

Camper Chronicles

The Joys of Reframing a Vintage Camper

Disclaimer: reframing, reflooring and installing a water system was not cheap. If purchasing a vintage camper again, I would only buy one that has running water (hot and cold) that works in the

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DIY Projects

DIY Pallet Patio for Under $80

It’s summer and it’s time to enjoy the great outdoors in a great space. If you’re looking for a quick solution for outdoor entertainment space without breaking the bank, a

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